Voyager Life Cycle Planning

Use attribute-based modeling to optimize product demand forecasts.

From product launch to product retirement, Logility Voyager Life Cycle Planning™ enables you to forecast market demand for items with little or no performance history to build on. Attribute-based demand modeling helps accurately forecast demand for new product introductions (NPI), short-life or seasonal products and end-of life products. The need for demand visibility is crucial for manufacturers, distributors and retailers that must ensure successful product launches and maximize margins from product sunsets.

Voyager Life Cycle Planning is well suited to items where sales history may not exist, or may be a poor indicator of future demand. Artificial intelligence uses product and market attributes to create demand profiles, profile assignments, ongoing accuracy assessments and automatic forecast revisions. You can quickly model the impact of multiple demand scenarios, consumer-buying patterns, and other demand signals. By keeping forecasts accurate and timely, Voyager Life Cycle Planning ensures that the right products are available at the right times.

Maximize each product’s contribution, from introduction through maturity, replacement and retirement.

Voyager Life Cycle Planning helps you accurately predict demand across a product's full life cycle, helping you:

  • Leverage advanced attribute-based modeling capabilities
  • Automatically create demand profiles based on user-defined attributes
  • Gain visibility into the demand patterns of new, short-life or seasonal products
  • Assign demand profiles to new, short-life, highly seasonal and end-of-life products
  • Achieve increased forecast accuracy with automatic review and comparison of demand profiles

Is Voyager Life Cycle Planning a fit for your business?

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