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Voyager Event Planning

Increase promotional lifts with supply chain event management

Logility Voyager Event Planning™ integrates marketing strategies with forecasting, distribution and logistics planning to calculate and analyze the impact of promotional plans and demand shaping strategies. Voyager Event Planning enables true collaboration within your organization to integrate marketing plans for special events with logistics and distribution. You can leverage events for competitive advantage and incorporate promotion strategies into forecasts and production plans.

Using pre-trained neural-network models, Voyager Event Planning software helps analyze multiple promotional elements such as price discounts, coupons, advertising and product placements and make sound predictions about consumer behavior. Causal-based forecasting models let you create simulations of alternative marketing programs, linking promotions to key areas throughout your supply chain. Logility’s neural technology learns as promotions are planned, implemented and executed. In as little as two to three cycles, the neural network behaves as if it had been custom built for your business.

Take the guesswork out of planning successful promotions.

Aligning promotional events with logistics and distribution activities breaks down one of the oldest barriers in the supply chain. Event Planning Expert Advisor™ provides a predefined project plan that takes you step-by-step through defining your promotion across the organization, including causal factor selection, impact analysis and post-event valuation to accelerate your learning curve and increase effectiveness.

Voyager Event Planning allows you to:

  • Increase profitability by more accurately calculating promotional lift to reduce inventory investment
  • Use the power of pre-trained neural networks to model your promotional activity more efficiently
  • Plan a single promotion or drive sophisticated multi-level marketing campaigns
  • Determine the effects of price changes, coupons, advertising and other marketing activities
  • Meet the needs of the entire enterprise with a single, comprehensive demand plan

Is Logility Event Planning a fit for your business?

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