Voyager Demand Planning

Achieving a new level of forecasting accuracy.

Logility Voyager Demand Planning™ aligns high-level business planning with detailed product forecasting to boost service levels, shorten cycle times, reduce inventory investment and minimize obsolescence. A demand-driven enterprise uses advanced forecasting to increase product availability and improve profitability by managing supply and demand variability.

Evaluate multiple demand signals from forecasts, consumption data, syndicated industry information and collaboration with partners and customers, Voyager Demand Planning generates vital visibility for stakeholders across your global supply chain network. It provides a fact-based foundation for your sales and operations planning (S&OP) process, predicting market demand and converting that information into a credible plan that drives more efficient production scheduling, sourcing and inventory management.

In benchmark tests, Voyager has improved accuracy as much as 80% over other forecasting methods.

Stay a step ahead of dynamically changing demand.

Voyager Demand Planning's advanced algorithmic forecasting models automatically generate forecasts at business levels you define, from sales and marketing to logistics and financials. Built-in artificial intelligence provides automatic model switching to ensure that the best-fit forecasting method is applied at every stage of a product's life cycle.

By dramatically improving your forecast accuracy, Voyager Demand Planning lets you:

  • Improve profitability through more accurate forecasting
  • Boost customer service and perfect orders
  • Eliminate redundant and obsolete inventory and decrease inventory carrying costs
  • Synchronize customer demand with inventory investments
  • Meet the needs of the entire enterprise with one comprehensive demand plan

Is Voyager Demand Planning a fit for your business?

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