Customer Videos

Logility customer videos highlight supply chain success.

Logility Customer Success Videos are two to five minute videos of customers describing how they utilize Logility Voyager Solutions to drive competitive advantage. Each Customer Success Video outlines the business issues facing the company, highlights how Logility Voyager Solutions are addressing the issues for the company and showcases where the solution is making a difference in their business.

Intel Operations Research Engineers Toby Norwood and Brian Wieland talk with Bob Bowman, Managing Editor Supply Chain Brain, about how Intel was able to minimize inventory investment while managing service levels more effectively and maintaining margins. View Video
Groupe Dynamite
In only four months, fast-fashion leader Groupe Dynamite moved from a manual, spreadsheet-based allocation process to Voyager Retail Optimization. Sample benefits: improved size curve efficiency and a responsive replenishment philosophy that puts products in the right stores while dropping initial inventory allocation from 70% to 50% on average. View Video
J. R. Simplot
J. R. Simplot is one of the world’s leading agribusiness companies, with an integrated portfolio including phosphate mining, fertilizer manufacturing, farming, ranching, food processing, food brands, and other enterprises related to agriculture. On top of their complex agribusiness supply chain challenges, the company was facing the rollout of a major new facility on an aggressive timeframe. The supply chain team realized the time had come to go beyond home-grown supply chain management tools and adopt a comprehensive technology solution for their end-to-end S&OP process. View Video
Red Wing Shoes
Hear how Red Wing Shoe Company, a leading purpose built footwear and workwear manufacturing and retail company, specializing in work and outdoor products leveraged Logility Voyager Solutions™ to meet its ever changing business needs and rapidly expanding product portfolio. View Video
Snap AV
SnapAV is a revolutionary, technology-enabled B2B supplier of intuitively designed products for professional integrators in the custom AV markets, discusses how Logility Voyager Solutions™ have helped manage inventory and supply planning around the Chinese New Year. View Video
Berry Plastics
Hear how Berry Plastics, a leading global manufacturer of injected molded packaging, leverages Logility Voyager Solutions to manage its Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) processes to increase inventory turns, increase service levels and to reduce inventory for its customers. View Video
Basic American Foods
Hear how Basic American Foods improves carrier communication and EDI tenders, increases accuracy of freight rates and improves auditing and payment of freight bills through Logility Voyager Transportation Planning and Management. View Video
Continental Mills
Michael Burke, Director, Supply Chain Planning, describes how Continental Mills, producer of dry bakery mix products, including Grain Gourmet, Krusteaz and Classic Hearth, leveraged Logility Voyager Solutions to reduce inventory obsolescence, achieve record service levels and reduce forecast error. View Video
Henry A. Petter Supply Co
Hear how Henry A. Petter chose Logility Voyager Solutions to apply discipline and structure to its warehouse management process, to ultimately improve inventory management, automate warehouse processes and support better decision-making. View Video
Hear how Huhtamaki, maker of some of the world’s most recognizable consumer and food service containers, including the Chinet® brand, leverages Logility Voyager Demand Planning, Inventory Planning and Performance Management to streamline its sales and operations planning (S&OP) process and enable planners to boost forecast accuracy and optimize inventory production and placement. View Video
Intertape Polymer Group
Learn how Intertape Polymer Group, a leading tape and film manufacturer, improves fill rates, increases visibility into customer demand, boosts forecast accuracy, reduces inventory levels, and improves service levels. View Video
Johnstone Supply
HVAC industry leader Johnstone Supply collaborates more effectively with stakeholders, communicates plans, boosts visibility, and establishes operational excellence using Logility Voyager Solutions. View Video
Kenney Manufacturing Company
To meet the needs of retail globalization, Kenney Manufacturing, a global consumer product company, implemented Logility Voyager Solutions to increase forecast accuracy and avoid adding staff to manage expanding distribution networks. View Video
Hear how L'Oreal greatly reduced transportation costs by implementing Logility Transportation Planning and Management as an integral part of the order flow. View Video
Rockline Industries
Learn how Rockline Industries, a major manufacturer of private label coffee filters and wipes, reduces transportation costs and optimizes carrier selection with Logility Transportation Planning and Management. View Video
Learn how Sigma-Aldrich, the world's largest supplier and manufacturer of research chemicals, manages significant complexity within Logility Voyager Solutions and improves forecast accuracy, reduces inventory, and optimizes the entire supply chain. View Video
Stanley Black & Decker
Hear how Stanley Black & Decker, an S&P 500 company, deployed Logility Voyager Inventory Optimization and saw an immediate fill rate improvement to help reduce its finished goods days of supply as well as its investment in raw materials and components. View Video
Tiffany & Co.
Hear how Tiffany & Co. employs Logility Voyager Solutions to decrease inventory, improve product availability, increase forecast accuracy, and streamline new product introductions. View Video
Ste. Michelle Wine Estates
Hear how Ste. Michelle Wine Estates, a producer and marketer of a broad portfolio of premium wines, automates transportation management to cost-effectively support the company's accelerating growth while improving carrier relationships. View Video
VF Corporation
Hear how VF Corporation, world's largest apparel company, improves its forecasting process, supports established best practices and optimizes inventory investments. View Video

Industry Perspectives

Dan Gilmore/Supply Chain Digest: Perspectives on Today’s Supply Chain
The role of the supply chain in most organizations is changing; companies are becoming demand-driven instead of manufacturing focused. Supply chain visibility is key, and the paradigm is shifting from "selling what I make" to "making what I sell." View Video
Dan Gilmore/Supply Chain Digest: The Logility Difference
Listen to this brief industry perspective on delivering value to the supply chain from Dan Gilmore, President and Chief Editor, Supply Chain Digest. View Video
Hear Matt O'Connor, VP, Logistics, Rockline Industries, Karin Bursa, VP of Marketing with Logility and Dan Gilmore, President and Chief Editor, Supply Chain Digest, as they discuss Rockline Industries' transportation strategy. View Video
Cool New Product Video - Inventory Optimization
Dan Gilmore of Supply Chain Digest talks about Logility's integrated inventory optimization solutions. View Video
Cool New Product - Proportional Profile Planning
Dan Gilmore of Supply Chain Digest talks about Logility's proportional profile planning solution. View Video
Cool New Product: Voyager 8.5
According to Supply Chain Digest editor Dan Gilmore, Logility's suite release is "cool" because of improvements like greater processing power, "Analytics Everywhere," Cloud-enablement, and much more. View Video