Intertape Polymer Group

Intertape Polymer Group

Intertape Polymer Group wraps up supply chain improvements

Intertape Polymer Group (IPG) is one of the largest tape and film manufacturers in North American and is a recognized producer of woven coated fabrics. Its products are used in both industrial and retail environments.


IPG needed to increase visibility into customer demand, rationalize a large product portfolio due to rapid growth and improve internal collaboration.


IPG implemented Logility Voyager Solutions™ and experienced significant supply chain improvements.

Bottom Line

  • Improved fill rates from less than 70% to 95%
  • Increased forecast accuracy (MAPE) from 56% to 86%
  • Achieved a $40 million year-over-year reduction in total corporate inventory
  • Achieved $13 million year-over-year reduction in RDC inventory
  • Reduced slow moving and obsolete inventory by $10 million year-over-year
  • Enabled IPG to cost-effectively open a Consumer Distribution Center (CDC)
  • Significantly improved customer service levels and overall satisfaction