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These informative supply chain video podcasts are full of ideas and practical guidance that can help you tackle the unique challenges supply chain managers face every day.

Lively discussions feature industry experts and supply chain managers exploring topics such as inventory optimization, lean manufacturing, S&OP, demand planning, retail planning and more. From strategy to tactics, from reducing costs to raising service levels, each episode illustrates how leading companies are using best practices to transform their global supply chain operations. View these insightful supply chain video podcasts by clicking on the titles below.


Retail Optimization Podcast

Making the Case for Retail Cost Accounting

The retail method of accounting is a traditional practice that uses weighted averages to estimate retail sales performance. In this podcast, hear about the history of retail accounting and the many reasons retailers are adopting a modern, cost-based approach. More


Retail Optimization Podcast

Retail Planning in an Omni-Channel World

It’s an omni-channel world. Mobile and e-commerce have created customers who expect to shop anywhere at any time. Retailers must leverage their supply chains intelligently or be swamped by this new world order. Learn more about the key realizations retailers must make to optimize their planning and meet customer demand. More


Advanced Planning and Scheduling Comeback Story

Advanced Planning and Scheduling Comeback

Detailed scheduling has made a comeback. This podcast provides an overview of Advanced Planning and Scheduling, laying out what it is and why companies need it to marshal their resources and answer the question “How much and what kind of supply will emerge from our manufacturing facilities, and when?” More


A Converging Tide Lifts All Supply Chain Boats

Supply Chain Convergence

The roles of inventory optimization, demand planning, transportation management, and supply planning are converging to provide synergies that go well beyond data integration. Supply chain teams are creating business value by adding information and analytics from one application into all others. This podcast discusses the latest trends. More


Transportation Management Systems Give Best-in-Class Companies an Edge

Five Keys to Transportation Success

Automating and optimizing transportation management is essential in today's fluid, omni-channel world. As supply chains become more global, best-in-class companies adopt transportation management solutions to optimize logistics capabilities and cost-to-serve. This podcast reviews survey highlights from the AberdeenGroup. More


Building a Business Case for Supply Chain Optmization

ROI Business Case

Building a return on investment case for your supply chain optimization initiative needn’t be a daunting task. This podcast provides guidance on how to create a compelling and thorough business case that will allow your organization to weigh the merits and make the right decisions. More


Handling Lead Time Uncertainty for Supply Success

Impact of Variability on Lead Times

The impact of variability in your lead times presents serious challenges to supply chain performance. Both lost sales and excess inventory can result from inconsistency and uncertainty. Modeling supply chain behavior lets supply chain teams apply analytics to predict future time-phased variability.  More


Spreadsheets Pose Major Risks to Supply Chain Management

Do Spreadsheets Sabotage Supply Chain Success?

Spreadsheet use pervades every aspect of corporate life: more than 200 million people worldwide use them. However, while it’s easy to get an answer from a spreadsheet, it may not be easy to get the correct answer—especially in the complex world of supply chain management.  More


Demand Sensing and Shaping Align Plans with Demand

Demand Sensing and Shaping

Demand planners and forecasters drive a company’s business. They know that external influences always impact the demand signal, but in what way and by how much? Planners must be empowered to use available information to craft a better forecast, but without the right tools this process is fraught with guesswork.  More


Keys to Supply Chain Project Management challenges and success

Project Management Challenges

Experience with hundreds of implementation and process improvement projects leads to one unavoidable conclusion: companies are still struggling to manage successful technology initiatives. Thankfully, the factors that lead to success can be boiled down to three critical areas, each of which makes a huge difference when done properly. More


Comparing Network Design and Inventory Optimization solutions

Network Design vs. Inventory Optimization

Some confusion exists about the relationship between Network Design and Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization. Logility sorts out the ways in which these disciplines are similar, and how each contributes unique value to global supply chain performance. More


SCM Integration solutions into ERP environments successfully

Avoiding ERP-SCM Integration Pitfalls

Is ERP-SCM integration painted as a bigger challenge than it really is? This podcast explores the surprising solutions and tactics that can actually make integration projects quicker and smoother than most supply chain teams imagine. More


Inventory Segmentation

Segmentation Strategy for Demand-Driven Supply Chains

Industry analysts cite segmentation as one of the key requirements of a demand-driven supply chain. Constructing specific policies of inventory and supply for each segment of the market creates unique opportunities to improve service delivery and reduce costs. This podcast gives an overview of the benefits of an ABC segmentation strategy. More


Apparel Supply Chain Planning Podcast

Phased Planning in Apparel and Softgoods

Fashion-oriented businesses have near- and medium-term horizons for styles, colors and sizes, as well as long-term horizons for capacity group planning. These activities are not normally integrated each other. Hear this discussion about long, medium, and short-term planning one coordinated in one system. More


Using Process Rhythm to Balance Inventory Planning

Process Rhythm in Inventory Planning

Discover the impact on the inventory planning process of factors including centralized vs. localized organization structure, inventory ownership, items managed per planner, churn, forecast frequency and more. More


Using Capacity Planning Process to balance SKU supply and demand

Capacity Planning Renaissance

Hear how companies are migrating toward centralized, enterprise-wide capacity planning to balance SKU supply and demand. More


Industrial Products supply chains adopt demand-driven planning and execution

Transforming Industrial Products Supply Chains

Learn how to apply demand-driven planning and execution philosophies to the complex world of global demand patterns, regional variations, and high service level requirements. More


Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO) breeds best-in-class success

Impact of Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

Dive deeper into the results of an Aberdeen Group survey focused on the impact of Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization (MEIO). It reveals how best-in-class organizations use MEIO to gain a competitive supply chain advantage. More


Inventory Optimization rewards companies who stay the course

The Inventory Optimization Maturity Curve

In this special podcast, get a quick guided tour through the different levels of inventory optimization encountered as companies progress through a maturity curve. More


Production Planning KPIs that matter most

Top KPIs for Production Planning

When evaluating the quality of a production plan, what are the most important metrics to consider? This podcast discusses how to use forward-looking metrics that focus on cost, capacity, material, and efficiency, as well as key execution metrics that compare plan vs. actuals and root-cause analysis. More


Supply chain complexity creates a host of global growing pains

Managing Supply Chain Complexity

In this podcast, Sigma Aldrich talks about the key elements needed to manage a complex global supply chain and meet key business goals, despite potentially catastrophic disruptions. More


How to get Inventory Optimization initiatives off on the right foot

Starting the Inventory Optimization Journey

What should supply chain teams expect when taking the first steps in an inventory optimization initiative? Logility taps the experience of Celanese to gain a veteran's viewpoint on how to get off to a good start. More


Apparel supply chain management demands flexibility and smart reactions

Apparel Challenges

Apparel supply chains are complex and demanding. Hear some of the unique challenges and best practices used by leading apparel supply chain teams. More


Good S&OP solutions must effectively align company goals and objectives

State-of-the-Art S&OP

Supply Chain Digest talks about how Sales and Operations Planning achieves outstanding results by aligning company goals and objectives, establishing a “one number” forecast, and more. More


Optimizing process manufacturing for short and long term production horizons

Transition Turmoil in Process Chemical Scheduling

Learn how transitions between products, movement from upstream to downstream operations, and gaps between long-term and short-term horizons can challenge the most sophisticated supply chain experts. More


Vendor Managed Inventory merges with CPFR for trading partner collaboration

Collaborative Vendor Managed Inventory Part 1

Experts examine the evolution of VMI and CPFR, and how we take the best of both worlds to form Collaborative VMI.Part 1 More


VMI + CPFR equals Collaborative VMI

Collaborative Vendor Managed Inventory Part 2

Five crucial steps to implementing Collaborative VMI with customers and partners are outlined. Part 2 More


Sales and Operations Planning research prompts a change in strategy

Sales and Operations Planning Change in Strategy

A review of best practices used by leading supply chain teams and the reasons S&OP is important in today's environment are discussed by Aberdeen Group. More


How Inventory Optimization ROI proliferates across the global supply chain

Real World ROI for Inventory Optimization

Take a closer look at where inventory optimization benefits originate and how its value radiates throughout the supply chain. More


Raising supply chain performance, from the CFO perspective

What Every CFO Should Know About IO

Pointers on how best to bridge the gap between the world of operations and a CFO's perspective. More


Optimizing Inventory as revenue and service level goals both rise

Optimizing Inventory for a Profitable Economic Upturn Part I

Various ways that inventory strategy can be used to take advantage of growth. Part 1  More


Demand growth can spark competitive advantage through inventory optimization

Optimizing Inventory for a Profitable Economic Upturn Part II

How can inventory optimization increase competitive advantage during a time of uncertain demand growth. Part 2 More


Inventory Management Strategies

Five Core Competencies of Inventory Optimization

Years ago, early adopters began saving millions through smart inventory reductions that don't sacrifice sales revenue. Today there are five key inventory optimization skills that every company should develop. More


SKU rationalization excellence requires intelligent inventory optimization

Getting the Most Out of SKU Rationalization

SKU Rationalization is not as simple as lopping off the bottom third of your SKUs! Inventory optimization is needed to weight items correctly, compensate for uncertainty, and expose hidden costs. More


Excess inventory traps working capital throughout the supply chain

Root Causes of Excess Inventory

Most supply chain managers believe they have a lot of unnecessary inventory, but they don't have a method to identify the "mysterious" causes of that inventory. More


Lean manufacturing can't reach its full potential without inventory optimization

Inventory Optimization in Lean Manufacturing Environments

Companies adopt lean manufacturing techniques in order to reduce waste, remove cost, and improve agility—but it doesn't eliminate buffer stocks! How inventory optimization makes "lean" successful. More


What is Inventory Optimization and how does it deliver business advantage?

Why Inventory Optimization

A brief look at the fundamental reasons for inventory optimization. What is it? Where did it come from? How does it enhance the performance of supply chains? More

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