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Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distribution software optimizes purchasing, increases inventory and sales.

Wholesale Distribution Business Issues ImageThe Wholesale Distribution industry is faced with shrinking margins, growing costs, new competitors and demanding customers. Many wholesalers are offering value-added services and introducing private label goods to increase buy-side margins and drive sell-side profitability. Working in the distribution industry, your one core asset is inventory. Keep too much of it on hand and you waste resources and risk obsolescence. Keep too little on hand and you lose customers. No wonder effective supply chain management is what often separates successful distribution companies from those that constantly struggle.

Supply chain business issues addresses the wholesale distribution management.

Logility Voyager Solutions™ wholesale distribution software provides the infrastructure that enables you to become a demand-driven enterprise. With Logility's distribution supply chain management solutions, you can use advanced modeling capabilities to create a valid, forward-looking demand plan by product, customer, channel and geography. This means you can cost-effectively buy and stock as little product as possible and increase gross margins. Yet you can ensure product availability to meet customer service requirements. By optimizing inventory management, you can also increase value-added services with your most profitable customers. And with Logility's best-of-breed warehouse and transportation management, you can increase perfect orders and decrease costs in the distribution supply chain.

Wholesale distributors are achieving remarkable results with Logility's wholesale distribution software. You can capitalize on this proven technology to:

  • Increase sales through better in-stock positions
  • Improve buyer productivity and ability to manage more items
  • Increase inventory turns while ensuring geographic assortments
  • Model complex timing and pricing variables to optimize buys
  • Optimize purchasing, load building and vendor clustering efficiently
  • Employ dynamic time-phased inventory policies
  • Adjust forecasts as demand changes automatically
  • Free up working capital for strategic uses
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