Wholesale Distribution

Buy smarter, service better, profit more with wholesale distribution software.

Successful distributors—those who take a comprehensive view of their operations with a focus on profitability—are finding that wholesale distribution software can make a significant difference in their companies—the difference between higher gross margins and disappointing declines.

How wholesale distribution supply chain software helps

Logility Voyager Solutions™ provide the technology you need to easily create a valid, forward-looking demand plan by product, customer, channel and geography. From this foundation, you can improve product availability, align inventory investments and deployment, streamline new product introductions, control costs and minimize write-offs.

Our wholesale distribution supply chain management software will help you:
  • Anticipate and more accurately forecast market demand
  • Reduce safety stock levels through better demand visibility and inventory management
  • Focus on buying inventory when you need it, instead of in standard buying cycles
  • Formalize vendor-managed inventory (VMI), consignment and other services
  • Balance inventory investments with service objectives and supplier capabilities
  • Improve perfect orders and customer service
  • Leverage performance management capabilities to become more proactive
  • Streamline and align sales and operations planning (S&OP), strategic planning processes and integrated business planning
  • Mitigate risk while embracing business opportunities

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