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SCM software delivers the collaboration advantage to distribution-intensive industries

With Logility's scm software, performance-driven enterprises seize ways to leave competitors behind. First by integrating data. . .then by integrating business processes. . .and finally by uniting supply chain partners into a single, seamless value chain. Logility Voyager Solutions™ provides the right supply chain technologies and scm software for today's dynamic, global supply chains and offers deep domain expertise in the following distribution-intensive industries.

With Logility's supply chain technologies, your company can quickly realize performance-driven improvements, unbeatable deployment and ROI times, long-term support, and continued innovation. You'll also appreciate best-of-breed scm software capabilities in demand planning, inventory optimization, supply planning, manufacturing planning, warehouse management and transportation management.

Achieve a competitive advantage with Logility's comprehensive supply chain technologies.

Logility's supply chain solutions don't end there - our solutions help you achieve a competitive advantage while seeing dramatic improvements in revenue, cycle time, forecast accuracy, inventory optimization, production, reduced transportation costs and improved customer satisfaction.

Food & Beverage


Service/Aftermarket Parts


Specialty Retail

Wholesale Distribution