Softgoods / Apparel

An optimized SCM system for softgoods and apparel is the latest fashion trend.

Answering the needs of a demanding customer base is always a challenge. In the softgoods and apparel market, it takes a flexible, well-integrated supply chain to deliver the goods—in the right quantity, style, color, size and season—despite long lead times and large numbers of SKUs. In today’s global market where product may be sourced anywhere, longer lead times increase the challenge to stay flexible and reduce inventory risk.

How softgoods SCM software helps

Logility Voyager Solutions™ provide the technology you need to easily create valid forecasts at multiple levels of your business and seamlessly manage SKU variables such as style, color and size. Using this visibility and flexibility, you can improve product availability, align inventory investments and deployment, control costs and minimize product obsolescence.

Our softgoods SCM software can help you:
  • Plan by style/color, execute by SKU
  • Reduce weeks of supply
  • Increase perfect orders
  • Diminish inventory risk
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Collapse cash-to-cash cycle times
  • Condense lead times
  • Improve effectiveness of promotions
  • Increase profitability of each fashion season
  • Deliver new styles more quickly
  • Boost the number of full-price sales
  • Reduce obsolescence costs
  • Leverage point-of-sale (POS) data
  • Shorten design-to-store cycle times


A global workwear company implemented Logility Voyager Solutions to drive internal collaborative forecasting at customer levels, realizing improved forecast accuracy of 29%, increasing inventory turns by 18%, reducing stock-out cancellations by 50%, and reducing lead times by 25-30%.