Life Sciences

Life sciences supply chain software provides the right formula.

Every industry faces unique challenges. For manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other healthcare products, the challenges are particularly tough. Competition is fast and fierce, pushing the creation of new products and enhancements even as R&D costs rise while regulatory scrutiny is deepening. Traceability, serialization, product tracking and security all complicate compliance for diverse products. With complex factors affecting profitability, life sciences companies need to eliminate excess cost and inefficiencies from global supply chains.

How life sciences SCM software helps

Logility Voyager Solutions™ provide real-time visibility into supply chain activities, rich analysis tools and robust simulation and optimization capabilities to allow you to quickly respond to changing market needs. Whether you’re forecasting high-cost, low-volume SKUs or high volumes of lower-priced items… or delivering in bulk or packaged items… no matter how many supply chain partners you have or where they’re located… Logility supplies the visibility and capabilities to succeed in an extremely competitive sector.

Our life sciences SCM software will help you:
  • Forecast thousands of individual SKUs and customer bulk items accurately
  • Reduce cost and risk through multi-echelon inventory optimization
  • Manage unlimited item/package/routing combinations
  • Optimize multi-plant production, scheduling and labor resources
  • Synchronize postponement strategies
  • Accelerate cash-to-cash cycles
  • Improve service levels while reducing costs
  • Streamline and align sales and operations planning (S&OP), strategic planning and integrated business planning


CooperVision implemented Logility Voyager Solutions and gained global supply chain visibility, increased SKU-level forecast accuracy, reduced inventory levels and advanced the corporate sales and operations planning (S&OP) process.