Meet and exceed consumer
expectations, in-store or online

Consumer Goods

When consumers have more ways than ever to buy products, how do you both meet demand and ensure greater customer value?

With Logility Voyager Solutions™. Using simulation and optimization capabilities, our solutions help you quickly respond to changing market needs and new product launches. Challenges like tightening budgets, increasing customer demands and emerging global competition don’t stand a chance against Voyager Solutions.
Let’s take a look:

Streamline and align sales and operations planning (S&OP), strategic planning and integrated business planning

Leverage collaborative programs such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Collaborative Planning Forecasting and Replenishment (CPFR®)

Employ service-based replenishment triggers

Leverage advanced life cycle planning

The future of supply chain planning, available today

Forecast at
the SKU level

Use machine learning to derive the best forecast with the least amount of user effort.

Automatically set optimal
time-phased inventory targets

Balance the trade-off between desired service levels and required inventory investments.

Achieve one-number

Combine collaboration and flexibility to enable one-number planning even when there’s significant demand variability, seasonal volume changes and multiple units of measure.

Meet service
goals cost effectively

Use customer-specific forecasting capabilities, flexible “what-if” analysis and time-phased inventory policies to gauge the cost of serving key accounts or adding a new customer or market.

Streamline new
product introductions

Add differentiated products that beat the competition.

inventory investments

Strategically position inventory across your multi-echelon distribution network.

Monitor performance
and reduce risk

Use built-in performance management capabilities to help you stay on top of global supply chain priorities.

Leverage a new set of signals with
real-time capability

Automate activities related to demand, replenishment and availability with IoT sensors.

omni-channel strategies

Deliver a seamless omni-channel shopping experience to your customers.

Gain global

Make breakthrough demand planning improvements.

Success with Logility solutions

Logility Voyager Solutions™ provided a unified planning approach to help Berry generate a better demand signal, increase visibility, synchronize inventory, and optimize supply and production.

VF Corporation

Using Logility, VF Corporation has improved the planning process, boosted customer service levels and inventory position, increased forecast accuracy and enabled effective management of key accounts.

CITIZEN WATCH AMERICA uses Logility Voyager Solutions to create forecasts based on market segmentation and balance merchandise and assortment planning across its omni-channel retail network.

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Consumer Goods

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Consumer Goods

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