Supply Chain Disruptions Need a New Prescription: Introducing Disruption RX Virtual Supply Chain Summits

A global pandemic was impossible to foresee as COVID-19 swept across our increasingly interconnected world. The challenging landscape, from store and factory closures to wild swings in inventory, has proven to be the ultimate test of strength for supply chain teams everywhere. Supply chain is now a household term. Companies are measured on their ability to meet demand, right-size inventory to preserve cash and identify potential risks before they impact operations.

There are many examples where companies have turned challenges into new opportunity (see the recent article in Supply Chain Dive, From visibility software to pallet picks: How Tillamook planned inventory as demand soared). We want to share more of these stories and, along with our sister companies Demand Solutions and NGC, developed the Disruption RX Virtual Supply Chain Summit series.

This complimentary virtual summit October 7-8, 2020 will showcase thought-provoking and transformative supply chain strategies that helped some of the most reputable brands turn challenges into opportunity by making better decisions faster.

Just a few of the brands presenting include:

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Daniel Bachar

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Daniel Bachar is a Product Marketing Director for Advanced Analytics for Logility. Daniel brings more than 10 years of experience in sales, marketing, supply chain planning, and advanced analytics. He provides a unique blend of business and industry knowledge, leading successful efforts to integrate new technologies into effective supply chain solutions. His experience includes development, design and go-to-market strategy of supply chain and advanced analytics products, helping clients with complex business problems to achieve complete visibility into their supply chain operations. Supply Chain Brief