Results: How Many SKUs Can a Planner Plan?

Thank you to everyone for participating in our survey “How Many SKUs Could a Planner Plan if a Planner Could Plan SKUs?” We have compiled the results you provided and created an infographic and eBook to walk you through these results.

Simply click on the infographic below to view a larger version and make sure to download the eBook at

How Many SKUs Can a Planner Plan

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Henry Canitz

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Product Marketing Director Hank brings more than 25 years of experience building high performance supply chains. This experience includes evaluating, selecting, implementing, using and marketing supply chain technology. Hank’s graduate degree in SCM from Michigan State, numerous SCM certifications, diverse experience as a supply chain practitioner and experience in senior marketing roles with leading supply chain solution providers helps him to bring a unique perspective on supply chain best practices and supporting technology to the Voyager Blog. Supply Chain Brief