ChainLink Research: Agile Retailer - Linking Allocation and Transportation

April 20, 2016
ChainLink Research founder Ann Grackin takes a look at the needs of an agile retailer and the benefits of linking two traditionally disparate diciplines--allocation and transportation--together. If inventory is constantly in motion, then shouldn’t the transportation strategy be linked to your more dynamic allocation strategy? Agile retailers are beginning to think about their business in a highly integrated fashion, understanding the implications from a sales and cost perspective and how all the parts fit together.

Q&A: Chris Reed, Ferguson Enterprises – Building an Agile Supply Chain

April 5, 2016
For many, automating the forecasting process is the first step to improve service levels and profitability. Recently I had the pleasure to sit down with Chris Reed, director of inventory and data management for wholesale distributor Ferguson Enterprises on how they are building an agile supply chain.

Gartner: Recognize and Embrace Change - 2015 Keynote Address

May 13, 2015
The digital business is here. It is now.

This was the opening statement of the 2015 Gartner Supply Chain Executive keynote address delivered by Peter Sondergaard, SVP of Research for Gartner. There are quite a few compelling stats behind this statement.

ChainLink Research: Making Allocations Smarter

April 28, 2015
Allocation processes and their supporting technology are getting a fresh look by retailers of late.  

 So, why are Allocations so important? Spotting the big product trends is critical for the retailer’s brand. But just as important is ensuring merchandise gets to the right channels and store locations in the appropriate quantities to gain happy customers and higher revenues.

Supply Chain Insights: Was Integrated Planning a Hoax?

June 23, 2014
In my role with Logility, I have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of companies and executive management teams around achieving their supply chain goals and prioritizing their initiatives.

Ann Grackin: Is the Crisis in Demand Management Being Exacerbated by Spreadsheet Dependency?

January 22, 2014
Demand management has always been at the top of supply chain professionals’ list of challenges. Of late, many companies have also indicated that having grappled with cost cutting a few years back, now they are more focused on growth. Predictably, 62% of the respondents sought growth through channels, 46% through more direct customers, and approximately 20% by creating new products.
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