Getting to S&OP Success

January 3, 2018
Our oldest child recently graduated from college with dual undergraduate degrees in Biology and Music Performance. He worked hard to accomplish this in 4 years with a high GPA and we look forward to celebrating his future successes. He was successful, in part, by establishing a reachable goal. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), first introduced more than 30 years ago, has many documented examples of success.

Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Projections for 2018 - Back to the Future

December 18, 2017
From all indications, 2018 should be a very interesting year for supply chains and supply chain practitioners. I think there are a few advanced capabilities that will grow in importance but I also believe there is a growing awareness that to benefit from advanced planning and optimization capabilities a company needs to build a firm foundation.

Laying the Foundation for Advanced Supply Chain Planning Capabilities in the Food and Beverage Industry

February 21, 2017
As a former Director of Supply Chain Management for a large multi-channel food manufacturer I experienced first-hand the variety of challenging problems faced by supply chain planners in the unforgiving F&B industry.

Common Sales and Operations Planning Myths Part 5 – Lean and On-Demand Manufacturing

February 14, 2017
This is the fifth post in a series where we investigate some of the myths and mistruths around Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). In the previous posts we have looked at the misdirected focus on historical information, the belief spreadsheets can support a robust S&OP process, the “S&OP is too rigid argument” and the idea that S&OP is a real-time response planning process. Today we are going to look at lean manufacturing.

Common Sales and Operations Myths Part 4 – Spreadsheets are King

February 7, 2017
This is the fourth in a series of posts that investigates some of the myths or mistruths I have heard over the last 20+ years concerning Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). The topic of today’s post is one we hear often and industry research shows it is not going away fast enough. The reliance on spreadsheets and other less sophisticated solutions to manage the S&OP process.

Common Sales and Operations Planning Myths - Part 3

January 31, 2017
This third in a series of posts that investigates some of the S&OP myths and mistruths and takes a look at one of the hot buttons in the industry. Real-time response planning. Is S&OP the right solution to manage your real-time respond planning needs?
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