From Advanced Analytics Laggard to Leader

From Advanced Analytics Laggard to Leader

Logility in collaboration with Peerless Research released the report, The Keys to Creating and Leveraging Actionable Information, which highlighted feedback from executives on the opportunities, challenges and use of advanced analytics across their supply chain. As a result, an interesting statistic surfaced:

“Only 22% of companies have implemented an advanced analytics initiative to help them achieve their supply chain and customer service goals.”

We hear the benefits of advanced analytics buzzing around in industry conferences, periodicals and customer testimonials across every industry. If they are buzzing so loudly, then why are 78% of companies still operating without them? Supply chain teams continue to be stretched thinner day by day and are constantly met with the pressure of rising business and customer expectations. The advanced analytics ‘laggards’ continue to rely on spreadsheets and legacy systems that make it nearly impossible to harness the influx of data available today.

How to become a LEADER in Advanced Analytics

An important goal of a supply chain analytics initiative is to enable better business decisions that allow you to be more responsive to rapidly changing consumer needs.

Want to take the steps to become a leader? Ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Do you have the right people and roles laid out to secure and organize your supply chain talent?
  2. Is there a process in place that allows you to discover the best opportunities for advanced analytics in your supply chain and work off a single strategic business plan?
  3. Is the data feeding your supply chain consistent and accurate?

There is no question that advanced analytics can help your company make smarter business decisions faster. At Logility, we see this every day! However, taking the first steps can be the most difficult. Are you ready to become a leader in advanced analytics? You’ll be glad you did!

Karin Bursa
Karin Bursa

Executive Vice President, Logility With more than 25 years of experience in the development, support and marketing of enterprise software solutions, Karin is able to provide The Voyager Blog several provoking perspectives including market-shaping events, end-user perspectives and technical reviews. She is a widely quoted source on the evolution of the supply chain, frequent author to many leading publications, and can be found speaking at many of the industry’s leading conferences.

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