Caribou Coffee’s Supply Chain Journey

Caribou Coffee WebcastRecently, I sat down with Karen Francois of Caribou Coffee to discuss their supply chain journey. This company’s supply chain transformation is impressive and enviable and I encourage you to watch the webcast, Caribou Coffee — More than Counting Beans, to learn more about how this manufacturer, distributor and retailer is progressing towards a robust sales and operations planning (S&OP) driven organization.

My colleague, Bob Cowdrick, was also on that webcast and shared some insights about the supply chain journey I would like to share with you. This is a journey. There is no end or destination and this journey continues as your business evolves, the markets change and your customers’ needs and want evolve.

On the Webcast, Bob walks us through the many stages of the supply chain journey. And, while your journey may not be in the same order, each stage is a critical learning and growing experience for the organization.

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