Making Cents Out of Demand Sensing

Making Cents Out of Demand Sensing

January 16, 2018
As a supply chain professional, we need to consider how actions in one part of the supply chain affect both upstream and downstream operations. This is especially true for those that work in and manage the demand planning proces

Attribute Based Planning for the Consumer Electronics Industry

January 9, 2018
The sheer number of options available in consumer electronics products can be overwhelming as many in the United States likely experience every holiday and especially during the Thanksgiving holiday as they compared Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

Getting to S&OP Success

January 3, 2018
Our oldest child recently graduated from college with dual undergraduate degrees in Biology and Music Performance. He worked hard to accomplish this in 4 years with a high GPA and we look forward to celebrating his future successes. He was successful, in part, by establishing a reachable goal. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), first introduced more than 30 years ago, has many documented examples of success.

Supply Chain Planning & Optimization Projections for 2018 - Back to the Future

December 18, 2017
From all indications, 2018 should be a very interesting year for supply chains and supply chain practitioners. I think there are a few advanced capabilities that will grow in importance but I also believe there is a growing awareness that to benefit from advanced planning and optimization capabilities a company needs to build a firm foundation.

Fantastic Stochastics – Effectively Planning for Items with Intermittent Demand

December 13, 2017
Any demand planner will tell you some of the most difficult items to plan accurately are those that exhibit an intermittent or irregular demand pattern. This type of demand pattern is characteristic of service parts inventory, wholesale distribution and capital goods. Such items are also referred to as slow moving, lumpy or long-tail items.

Phone Call with Santa Claus

December 5, 2017
Recently I got an email from the North Pole saying that Santa Claus wanted to talk with me. I will have to admit that when you get a request from the head of the elves it is not something you want to ignore.

Sense, Analyze and Respond – The Supply Chain Automation Journey

October 24, 2017
I recently moved to Arizona and traded my lawnmower and snow-shovels for a salt-water pool. I think you might agree this was a very favorable trade. This is the first time I have owned a pool and it has taken some time to understand how to sense, analyze, and respond to changing water chemistry to ensure the optimal pool experience at the lowest total short and long-term operating cost.
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