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Studies show that a majority of CFOs believe the supply chain is directly linked to their ability to meet corporate objectives. Now that a tough recession is ending, a comprehensive inventory strategy is crucial to sustaining supply chain performance and freeing working capital for growth. Given that CFOs have varying levels of experience with inventory optimization (IO), this paper provides a few facts that every CFO should know.

  • The key focus is shifting to customer service requirements.
  • There are two unique values IO brings to the overall supply chain.
  • Don't look for inventory optimization in your current ERP system —it's not there.
  • IO moves the organization to an entirely new trade-off curve between inventory cost and service level goals.
  • There are reasons why the CFO is often the key player in IO initiatives.
  • The gap in perspective and communication between supply chain managers and the senior staff must be bridged.

Every supply chain faces inventory challenges which impact the bottom-line. This paper is for every CFO who strongly believes that good supply chain performance is vital to financial success.

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