Demand Optimization

Effective demand forecasting software creates accurate, data-driven plans.

Logility's demand management software

Best-of-breed demand management software can make substantial contributions to your business. Recent studies show that 85% of all companies implementing a formal demand management program have generated significant performance improvements. Average gains include:

  • 13% improvements in overall forecast accuracy
  • 24% gain in inventory turns
  • 5% improvement in gross margin
Source: AberdeenGroup, Demand Management Benchmark Report

Logility can help you create a demand planning solution that drives best-in-class performance. With comprehensive overviews of market demand, you can raise demand forecast accuracy. And by sharing realistic demand plans with customers and supply chain partners, you can coordinate activities for timely, cost-saving efficiency.

Our demand management software suite enables you to make profitable decisions about purchasing cycles and quantity levels, from product rollout to product retirement. You'll have the ability to boost customer service, ensure successful promotional support, and stay on top of market changes.

Logility's demand management software enables you to:

  • Improve demand forecast accuracy
  • Reduce inventory costs
  • Eliminate redundant and obsolete inventory across the supply chain
  • Accelerate product introductions
  • Increase gross margins
  • Proactively identify risks and opportunities
  • Decrease or eliminate expediting costs

Demand management software – gaining visibility across your supply chain.

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Voyager Proportional Profile Planning

Voyager Proportional Profile Planning™ helps bridge the gap between demand planning and supply, sourcing, and production planning. You can create accurate forecasts based on product attributes such as finish, style, color, size, region, speed, power, material type, trim level, configuration, and others, with an unlimited number of levels.

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Voyager Demand Planning

Voyager Demand Planning™ helps reconcile differences between high-level business forecasts and lower-level product forecasts. You can achieve a one-number plan that meets multiple business needs-including planning, sales, finance, manufacturing and distribution operations. And by aligning your inventories with customer demand, Logility's demand planning solution makes it easier for you to boost service levels, shorten cycle times and reduce inventory obsolescence.

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Voyager Event Planning

Voyager Event Planning™ integrates marketing strategies with forecasting, distribution and logistics planning, breaking down one of the oldest barriers in the supply chain. With this module, you can easily simulate and analyze the impact of promotional plans, considering demand-shaping strategies such as price discounts, coupons, advertising, special packaging and product placement.

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Voyager Life Cycle Planning

Voyager Life Cycle Planning™ helps you model demand for each phase of a product's lifetime. This control ensures you have the right inventory to meet market requirements - at product introduction, maturity, replacement, substitution and retirement. Flexible analysis options help you maximize product rollouts and drive higher margins.

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