Four Inventory Optimization Questions Every Life Sciences Supply Chain Team Should Ask Itself

Four Inventory Optimization Questions Every Life Sciences Supply Chain Team Should Ask Itself

August 25, 2016
How do you know if meaningful inventory optimization is possible for your life sciences organization? Supply chains in all branches of the industry involve high-value, high-margin items that tend to trap large amounts of working capital in excess inventory, so the potential benefit is real.

The Forecasting Conundrum

August 23, 2016
I have heard a number of supply chain professionals proclaim that their companies should stop forecasting product demand due to poor forecast accuracy. If we could only get closer to true end-customer demand the company could ship exactly what is needed, where and when. It’s the old Push – Pull argument.

Key Ingredients to Formulating a Winning Supply Chain Strategy in the Process Chemical Industry

August 18, 2016
Process manufacturers face a highly complex supply chain challenge. Starting with perishable ingredients whose characteristics (potency, color, composition, etc.) vary from lot to lot creates an uncertainty factor. Adjusting formulas based on the amounts of available ingredients requires flexibility. Ensuring finished products meet the exacting tolerances of customers and regulating agencies requires superior planning. Managing shelf-life requirements by customer and location adds complexity.

S&OP, SIOP, IBP, MIOE - A Supply Chain Rose by Any Other Name

August 16, 2016
Hundreds of companies struggling to improve their supply chain performance have adopted an effective business decision-making process to balance and align demand and supply. According to Aberdeen Group, this process can result in a 14% increase in operating margin, a 4% increase in gross margin dollars, a 55% reduction in inventory write-offs, a 17% increase in new product revenues, and a 35% reduction in lost sales. Great!

Nine Mistakes You Don’t Have to Make in Your Career

August 10, 2016
I saw a blog topic the other day titled “My Biggest Mistake.” The intent of this topic was obviously to teach, to explore a hard but useful lesson a broader audience could benefit from.…But I’m not really wired to think that way, so let me flip it around. Here are 9 things that I got right, whether by design or accident, that others could learn from. 

Making Sense out of “Sense and Respond”

August 9, 2016
With so much focus across industry publications, analysts and conference sessions around “Sense and Respond” how do you separate the noise from the critical points you need to consider as you mature your supply chain operations to take advantage of these capabilities?

Gartner Keynote: Algorithms Rule the World (and the Supply Chain)

May 19, 2016
Algorithms impact our daily lives from the ads we see online to the price and availability of goods we want at the store. As supply chain professionals, algorithms are transforming the way we do business, the way we optimize our supply chains. David Willis, chief of research at Gartner, kicked off this week’s 2016 Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference with a focus on how algorithms impact how the world works and how we must balance agility and stability to take advantage of the new opportunities and stay ahead of the competition.
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